Who’s the Fool Behind this Sacred Foolishness?

Le Sacred Fool, c’est moi!

I write, I clown, I Zentangle, I SoulCollage®. I do Commedia dell’Arte, especially the character of Zanni. That’s me as he above.

I’m currently working on two novels.

My socially relevant dark comedy, Man Pregnant!’s in edting mode. While I’m writing a comedic 1940s-style noir fantasy I call it Long, Hard, & Twisted. My femme fatal’s a shapeshifting unicorn who turns her enemies into animals she sells in her pet shop.

And I’m in the conceptual stages of mapping out a cozy mystery series. It’s set in Berkeley, California, with a SoulCollaging amateur sleuth. When dear friends wind up murdered, clues pop up in her collages.

If that’s not enough, I blog on Medium.com and am putting together a book for writers about how SoulCollage® can reveal nuances of character, plot, and story.

Wow! That’s a lot.

But the thread that winds through all these endeavors is my sacred sense of humor. Which is why my favorite archetype is the Sacred Fool. And why all this Sacred Foolshness for your reading pleasure.

Your laughter makes my soul sing! Happy reading!

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Sustained by grace, Healing with humor


Marilyn Flower lives at the intersection of Humor Avenue and Satire Street. Much of her poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction illustrates her mantra: Laugh the change you want to see!